Dangerous Goods

Sky High Aviation Services S.A. Dominicana does not transport dangerous goods on any of its flights.

Passengers may pack their toiletry liquids in containers up to a maximum of 100 ml or approximately 3.4 oz. All liquids must fit inside a maximum 1 liter clear bag.


Size is a measure of safety.

Liquid or gel containers of 3 ounces or less. More than 3 ounces in checked baggage.


Bag limits volume per person.

1 quart size zip-top plastic bags with 3 oz. jars.


Isolating liquids speeds up scanning.

1 bag per passenger located in the security compartment.

Many commonly used items can be very dangerous during flight. Temperature and pressure variations can cause certain products to spill, generate toxic gases or start fires.


You must declare any hazardous items to the airline.


For safety reasons, the following types of restricted items cannot be carried in your checked or carry-on baggage.


  • Compressed gases: refrigerants, flammable and poisonous gases, such as butane cylinders and aqualung.

  • Corrosives: acids, alkalis, mercury and wet batteries.

  • Explosives, ammunition, fireworks and flares.

  • Flammable liquids and solids: lighter or heating fuel, matches, paints and easily ignited articles.

  • Infectious substances: Live virus substances.

  • Radioactive materials and all poisons: insecticides and herbicides.

  • Medicines and toiletries in limited quantities and alcoholic beverages

  • may be carried in checked or carry-on baggage (maximum 2 liters or 2 kg).

  • Firearms are not allowed in the cabin. Passengers must not deliver dangerous goods or potentially dangerous goods for carriage as baggage.

  • For more information or assistance on items allowed on board, please contact our offices.