Sky High Aviation Services allows its passengers to carry on all its flights, one piece of carry-on baggage and one piece of checked baggage (hold baggage), included in the cost of your ticket.





Carry-on baggage is considered to be any item that the passenger carries with him/her in the cabin and that can be easily placed in the overhead compartment or under the front seat (backpack, briefcase, carry on).




  • The piece of carry-on baggage must not exceed 7 kilos or its equivalent in pounds 15 pounds.

  • It can measure up to 42 inches (118 cm) linear: 21'' high + 13'' long + 8'' wide (53 cm high + 33 cm long + 20 cm wide). The wheels of the suitcase are not included in the linear measurement.

  • If the carry-on baggage exceeds the allowed dimensions, it will be sent to the hold of the aircraft as checked baggage. Applicable excess baggage charges will be made.


Note: If the passenger presents at the boarding gate a carry-on bag in addition to the checked baggage at the counter, he/she will be charged a US$120.00 transportation fee. The additional piece will be subject to availability of space on the aircraft.





Checked baggage is baggage that is transported in the hold of the aircraft. It may also be called Hold Baggage.




  • The piece of checked baggage must not exceed 23 kilos or its equivalent in pounds 50 pounds.

  • It may measure up to 62 linear inches (158 cm). The linear measurement does not include the wheels of the suitcase.

  • Pieces whose combined linear measurements are between 63 to 107 linear inches (159 cm-271 cm) are considered oversized.

  • If your piece has casters, they are not included in the linear measurement of the piece.

  • Pieces weighing in excess of 23 kilograms or 50 pounds up to a maximum weight of 32 kilograms or 70 pounds are considered excess baggage.




  • Weight and piece allowances are per passenger and are not transferable to other passengers.

  • Baggage charges are subject to taxes established in the country of origin.

  • Any additional, overweight or oversized baggage will be transported

  • depending on the availability of space on the aircraft and will have an

  • additional cost.

  • Baggage restrictions may apply depending on the time of year and origin

  • and destination.

  • Certain items require a signed release of liability in order to be

  • transported.

  • In addition to carry-on baggage, you are allowed to bring one (1) of the following items on board:

  • A coat or jacket

  • Infant items (if traveling with a child between 0 to 23 months), one (1) of

  • each of the following three (3) items applies:

  • One infant seat, if the infant has a purchased seat.

  • One small folding stroller for infant checked in the hold.

  • One diaper bag.

  • Special assistance items

  • The storage, handling and transportation of assistive devices for passengers with special needs is permitted in addition to the baggage allowance, provided that the passenger is dependent on them for mobility.

  • A walker

  • An orthopedic device

  • Acane

  • Crutches

  • A wheelchair and its batteries

  • A portable respirator


Overweight: It is considered the piece that exceeds a weight greater than 23 kilos or 50 pounds up to a maximum weight of 32 kilos or 70 pounds.

Oversize: It is considered the piece that its linear measures from 63 to 107 linear inches.


From 24 to 32 kg or
51 to 70 pounds

USD$ 60.00*


63" inches or 159 linear cm up to
107" in or 271 linear cm

USD$ 60.00*

*Overweight and oversize charges are cumulative. That is, if the baggage is overweight and oversized, both fees are charged.


Any baggage that is not included in the free baggage allowance included in the cost of the ticket is considered additional baggage

2nd Piece 23kgs (50pnds)

USD$ 60.00*

3rd Piece 23kgs (50pnds)

USD$ 120.00*

4th Piece 23kgs (50pnds) USD$ 180.00*

Note: All additional baggage must be marked with Stand By, placing the label.


with this description or indicating it with Red Marker.

Additional baggage that cannot be transported must be returned to a contact indicated by the passenger at the station of origin.

No straggling luggage is allowed.





Sports equipment that does not exceed the size, weight and dimensions of checked baggage or hold baggage is subject to the same policy.

Overweight or oversized sports equipment, the cost per piece is USD $ 150.00. Sports equipment allowed:

  • Bicycles

  • Camping equipment

  • Bowling equipment

  • Bow and arrow

  • Golf equipment

  • Tennis equipment

* Acceptance subject to aircraft space availability.






Sky High Aviation Services Dominicana, will only allow the transportation in our aircraft of electronic equipment such as TV sets up to 50" linear inches.


The cost per equipment is US$80.00.

For more information please contact