Pets Handling Policy


At Sky High Aviation Services, we provide the service of transporting pets in the main passenger cabin. Permitted pets are dogs and cats.

The transportation of pets and their acceptance will be subject to the approval of the government and health authorities of the ports of embarkation and disembarkation.


  • The pet must not exceed a maximum weight of 20 pounds.

  • The kennel must be flexible.

  • The kennel must be ventilated and have sufficient space for the pet to move.

  • The kennel must fit easily under the seat in front of the passenger and must meet the following measurements: 9" x 14" x 14" (23cm x 36cm x 36cm).

  • The customer may feed his/her pet, as long as the pet remains inside the kennel.

  • The pet must remain inside the kennel during the entire flight.

  • It is forbidden to assign seats to passengers with a kennel at the emergency exit.

  • Only one pet per kennel is allowed.

  • Only one pet per passenger is allowed.

  • The pet cannot travel without a passenger. - Pets must be clean and odorless.

  • We do not handle pets in the hold.

We accept a maximum of 3 pets per flight. We reserve the acceptance of the pet considering the condition of the kennel and compliance with the requirements.


  • The passenger is responsible for all necessary documentation for the entry of his/her pet to the travel destination.

  • Passengers traveling with a pet must present at the airport counter: Rabies vaccination card, health certificate, animal health form and receipt of payment.

  • The health certificate must be issued by a licensed veterinarian within 30 days prior to transport.

  • The use of pet tranquilizers is not recommended.

  • Sky High Aviation Services is limited to transporting brachiocephalic (flat-

    nosed) breeds. These have narrow airways due to their anatomy, which causes them difficulty breathing.


All pets transported will incur a US$100.00 per way charge.

Reservations for pets must be made at the Sales Offices and at the airport counter.


Sky High Aviation Services, accepts service or emotional support pets, you must notify us at the time of reservation.

These types of pets will be transported free of charge and do not require the use of a cage or kennel, but must be on a leash.

The passenger is responsible for providing a valid authorization from their licensed physician.